It’s all about helping another woman win; cheering HER on, praying for HER and sharing resources with HER. The reality is the more you give, the more you receive.

We are an inspiration. We raise each other UP. We are courageous. We are strong. We are kind. We are selfless. We are humble. We are blossoming into powerful womEn. We have more faith than fear.

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The Visionary

Native of Atlanta, GA Dr. Stephanie Jester is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and visionary. She is the owner and Real Estate Broker of InTouch Properties, a full-service real estate firm, and the CEO behind the EmpowHER Movement, a purpose-filled platform serving as a village of strength, support and celebration. As a Business Manager, she offers agent development, strategy, brand-building, professional business coaching, and business operational services to the industry’s top talents in entertainment, sports, and lifestyle sharing. Stephanie is also the Chief Operating Officer of Freebandz LLC, the support engine that mobilizes her son, mega-entertainer and businessman, Future

The Creative Director

Business partner to her mother, Tia Wilburn holds a Masters degree in Leadership and has a strong passion for event planning and inspirational writing. Her writing can be found on her blog A Journey With Tia. She is the woman behind the creative direction of The EmpowHER Movement; overseeing the creative process by guiding the event planning, design and production for the organization.

Life Coaching

Through professional life and wellness coaching this is where dreams come alive!